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Powerful AI Tools + Blockchain Technology

We use our A.I algorithms to find high return properties to offer the best opportunities for our users.
imageDecenteralized Decision Making
Voting rights for properties are distributed among all token holders. Users can vote on decisions, big and small, for their investment. Once a majority is reached, property managers are instantly notified of token holders’ decisions and can carry out the required actions immediately.
imageEthereum Blockchain Platform
Powered by the strongest blockchain technology to increase speeds and reduce fees.
imageBuy/Sell Tokens
Browse the available properties, which have been vetted by real estate agents, AI-tech, and fully backed by inspection reports. Purchase tokens of your choosing starting with $10 USD. Collect yearly yield and appreciation as the home value increases. Sell back your tokens after a holding period of one-year.
imageTrack Your Investment
Use your account to keep track of your real estate portfolio, collect yearly yield, and know your token value on a daily basis.
Meet The Team
Scroll through to meet our qualified team featuring talents from various backgrounds.
imageimageAkshat Soni
imageimageLors Kushtov
imageimageHamza Varvani
imageimageAysha Mughal
imageimageShivang Patel
imageimageAmna Mughal
imageimageHimangi Sharma
imageimageJosh Thorne
imageimageRishard Rameez
Our Advisors
imageimageTravis Kanellos
imageimageJay Wilgar
imageimageMoe Hansrod
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